We hope to build as environmentally sensitively as possible. We will work to secure funding in the form of loans, grants and donations to make these homes an example of best practices in environmental sustainability.


Shared Amenities will be provided not only for financial benefit, but more importantly, to both support ecological sustainability, and to foster vibrant and interactive communities for the residents. They will include:


Washers and dryers will be available on site.

Community Services Building

We intend to include a community service building to house, at minimum, four of the required community activities and services:

  • Electrical entry room and distribution
  • Water entry room with primary water filtration and domestic water use metering
  • Temporary garbage and recycling storage;
  • Shared workshop

Site Gardens

  • We plan to make garden space available for use by residents
  • Community Gardens
  • Feature landscape elements (i.e. trees, shrubs and ornamental elements)
  • Composting facilities


  • One parking space will be allotted for each home
  • It is envisioned that Electric Vehicles will be used extensively on Galiano Island in the future and so charging stations will be included.

Electric Bikes

GIGARHS is grateful to have received a pledge of 4 electric bikes upon the successful completion of these homes.

Children’s Play Area and Structure

An area of the site will be developed for the children who are expected to be part of the community.

Community Engagement

With rezoning concluded, we are working on subdivision requirements. If you have any questions for us, please reach out by selecting the "Contact" button to your right.

Get Involved

We welcome your questions, concerns and ideas anytime. Please reach out to us through our contact form.


We would love to have you join our efforts by helping with research, fundraising, writing letters of support, spreading the word and anything else you can offer.


Financial donations and gifts in kind are always welcome and gratefully appreciated.