Benefits for Residents

With long term secure homes, residents will have the opportunity to engage in their community while enjoying the benefits of the natural environment. Our goal is the creation of dynamic and supportive communities within the greater community of Galiano.

Most people who choose to live on Galiano are drawn to a lifestyle in close proximity to nature.  Our future residents are no different. We are looking to develop beautiful and functional private homes with access to outdoor spaces that will allow residents to enjoy living alongside the natural beauty of our island with all the healthful benefits that brings.

Shared amenities, such as laundry, community gardens, and children’s play areas, will help to create cooperative communities to support the wellbeing of the individuals, couples, and families who live there.

With housing security, residents will be able to engage in employment and community opportunities that may not be available when housing is insecure.

Benefit to the Greater Galiano Community

Several Galiano community initiatives have helped to give a leg up to residents and have created beautiful outcomes with recipients going on to find ways to give back to the greater community.

Historically, Galiano businesses have struggled to hire and retain employees. Secure and affordable housing will make it easier to retain existing employees and to attract people needed to work in our many local businesses, including the trades, retail and hospitality, and our essential services including our school, daycare, Health Care Centre, and home help.

The wellbeing that comes with housing security will allow residents more opportunity to contribute to our community in many ways, including volunteering for community projects and taking part in the many creative and artistic initiatives Galiano has to offer.  This will reverberate throughout our island and strengthen our greater community as well.

Community Engagement

With the rezoning concluded, we are working on subdivision requirements. If you have any questions for us, please reach out by selecting the "Contact" button to your right.

Get Involved

We welcome hearing your questions, concerns and ideas anytime. Please reach out to us through our contact form.


We would love to have you join our efforts by helping with research, fundraising, writing letters of support, spreading the word and anything else you can offer.


Financial donations and gifts in kind are always welcome and gratefully appreciated.